Don Carlo is a five-act grand opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi to a French language libretto by Camille du Locle and Joseph Méry, based on the dramatic play Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien (Don Carlos, Infante of Spain) by Friedrich Schiller. The story is based on conflicts in the life of Carlos, Prince of Asturias (1545–1568), after his betrothed Elisabeth of Valois was married instead to his father Philip II of Spain as part of the peace treaty ending the Italian War of 1551–1559 between the Houses of Habsburg and Valois. It was commissioned and produced by the Théâtre Impérial de l’Opéra (Paris Opera) and premiered at the company’s theatre, the Salle Le Peletier, on 11 March 1867.

  • arie-raffaele-as-filippo-ii
    Arie, Raffaele as Filippo II
    Bulgarian bass (1920-1988)
  • barbieri-fedora-as-princess-eboli-met
    Barbieri, Fedora as Eboli
    Italian mezzo-soprano (1920-2003)
  • bensing-heinrich-as-don-carlo-1911-1955
    Bensing, Heinrich as Don Carlo
    German tenor (1911-1955)
  • bjorling-jussi-as-don-carlo-met
    Björling, Jussi as Don Carlo
    Swedish tenor (1911-1960)
  • chaliapin-fedor-as-filippo-ii
    Chaliapin, Fedor as Filippo II
    Russian bass (1873-1938)
  • christoff-boris-as-filippo-ii
    Christoff, Boris as Filippo II
    Bulgarian bass (1914-1993)
  • dezso-ernster-as-filippo-ii
    Dezsö, Ernster as Filippo II
    Hungarian bass (1898-1981)
  • don-carlo-bruno-prevedi
    Prevedi, Bruno as Don Carlo
    Italian tenor (1928-1988)
  • don-carlo-giulietta-simionato-as-eboli
    Simionato, Giulietta as Eboli
    Italian mezzo-soprano (1910-2010)
  • don-carlo-paolo-silveri-in-don-carlo-ls
    Silveri, Paolo as Rodrigo
    Italian baritone (1913-2001)
  • filippeschi-mario-as-don-carlo
    Filippeschi, Mario as Don Carlo
    Italian tenor (1907-1979)
  • flagello-ezio-as-filippo-ii
    Flagello, Ezio as Filippo II
    Italian-american bass (1931-2009)
  • ghiaurov-nicolai-as-filippo-ii
    Ghiaurov Nicolai as Filippo II
    Bulgarian bass (1929-2004)
  • grassi-rinaldo-as-don-carlo
    Grassi, Rinaldo as Don Carlo
    Italian tenor (1885?-1946)
  • hines-jerome-as-the-great-inquisitor
    Hines, Jerome as The Great Inquisitor
    American bass (1921-2003)
  • manowarda-josef-as-filippo-ii
    Manowarda, Josef as Filippo II
    German bass (1890-1942)
  • merrill-robert-as-rodrigo-met
    Merrill, Robert as Rodrigo
    American baritone (1917-2004)
  • morelli-carlo-as-don-rodrigo
    Morelli, Carlo as Don Rodrigo
    Italian baritone (1895-1970)
  • piccaver-alfred-as-don-carlo
    Piccaver, Alfred as Don Carlo
    British-american tenor (1884-1958)
  • rossi-lemeni-nicola-as-filippo-ii
    Rossi-Lemeni, Nicola as Filippo II
    Italian bass (1920-1991)
  • schweebs-hellmuth-as-filippo-ii
    Schweebs, Hellmuth as Filippo II
    German bass (1897-1951)
  • siepi-cesare-as-filippo-ii
    Siepi, Cesare as Filippo II
    Italian bass (1923-2010)
  • signorini-francesco
    Signorini, Francesco as Don Carlo
    Italian tenor (1861-1927)
  • tafuro-franco-as-don-carlo
    Tafuro, Franco as Don Carlo
    Italian tenor (1888-1943)
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