La Juive is a grand opera in five acts by Fromental Halévy to an original French libretto by Eugène Scribe; it was first performed at the Opéra, Paris, on 23 February 1835.
La Juive was one of the most popular and admired operas of the 19th century. Its libretto was written to the tastes of the Opéra de Paris, where the work was first performed - a work in five acts presenting spectacular situations (here the Council of Constance of 1414), which would allow a flamboyant staging in a setting which brought out a dramatic situation which was also underlined by a powerful historical subject. In addition to this, there could be choral interludes, ballet and scenic effects which took advantage of the entire range of possibilities available at the Paris Opera.

  • fischer-niemann-karl-as-eleazar
    Fischer-Niemann, Karl as Eleazar
    German tenor
  • granier-victor-as-eleazar-1879-unkn001
    Granier, Victor as Eleazar
    French tenor (1879-?)
  • la-juive-caruso-as-eleazar
    Caruso, Enrico as Eleazar
    Italian tenor (1873-1921)
  • la-juive-elisabeth-rethberg-as-rachel
    Rethberg, Elisabeth as Rachel
    German soprano (1894-1976)
  • la-juive-giovanni-martinelli-as-eleazar
    Martinelli, Giovanni as Eleazar
    Italian tenor (1885-1969)
  • la-juive-josef-mann-as-eleazar
    Mann, Joseph as Eleazar
    German tenor (1883-1921)
  • la-juive-tony-poncet-as-eleazar
    Poncet, Tony as Eleazar
    Spanish tenor (1918-1979)
  • marcoux-vanni-jean-as-the-cardinal
    Marcoux-Vanni, Jean as The Cardinal
    Italian-french bass baritone (1877-1962)
  • martinelli-giovanni-as-eleazar
    Martinelli, Giovanni as Eleazar
    Italian tenor (1885-1969)
  • materna-amalie-as-rachel
    Materna, Amalie as Rachel
    Austrian soprano (1844-1918)
  • salvatini-mafalda-as-rachel-in-la-juive-1888-1971
    Salvatini, Mafalda as Rachel
    Italian soprano (1888-1971)
  • vecray-huberte-as-rachel
    Vecray, Huberte as Rachel
    Belgian soprano (1923-2009)
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