Un Ballo in Maschera is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi with text by Antonio Somma. Although it was to take over two years between the time of the commission and its premiere performance, that took place at the Teatro Apollo in Rome on 17 February 1859.

Scribe wrote about the assassination in 1792 of King Gustav III of Sweden who was killed as the result of a political conspiracy against him. He was shot while attending a masked ball and died 13 days later from his wounds.

In order to become the Un ballo in maschera which we know today, Verdi’s opera (and his libretto) was forced to undergo a significant series of transformations, caused by a combination of censorship regulations in both Naples and Rome, as well as by the political situation in France in January 1858.

  • anderson-marian-as-ulrica
    Anderson, Marian as Ulrica
    American Alto (1897-1993)
  • bechi-gino-as-renato
    Bechi, Gino as Renato
    Italian baritone (1913-1993)
  • bjorling-jussi-as-riccardo
    Björling, Jussi as Riccardo
    Swedish tenor (1911-1960)
  • bonci-alessandro-as-riccardo
    Bonci, Alessandro as Riccardo
    Italian tenor (1870-1940)
  • caniglia-maria-as-amelia
    Caniglia, Maria as Amelia
    Italian soprano (1905-1979)
  • colzani-anselmo-as-renato
    Colzani, Anselmo as Renato
    Italian baritone (1918-2006)
  • de-ruggeri-olimpia-as-amelia
    de Ruggeri, Olimpia as Amelia
    Italian soprano (1918-1991)
  • di-stefano-giuseppe-as-riccardo
    Di Stefano, Giuseppe as Riccardo
    Italian tenor (1921-2008)
  • galeffi-carlo-as-renato
    Galeffi, Carlo as Renato
    Italian baritone (1882-1961)
  • gigli-beniamino-as-riccardo
    Gigli, Beniamino as Riccardo
    Italian tenor (1890-1957)
  • merrem-nikisch-grete-as-amelia
    Merrem-Nikisch, Grete as Amelia
    German soprano (1887-1970)
  • milanov-zinka-as-amelia
    Milanov, Zinka as Amelia
    Croatian soprano(1906-1989)
  • poggi-gianni-as-riccardo
    Poggi, Gianni as Riccardo
    Italian tenor (1921-1989)
  • poliart-ysel-as-oscar
    Poliart, Ysel as Oscar
    Belgian soprano (1924-2005)
  • protti-aldo-as-renato
    Protti, Aldo as Renato
    Italian baritone (1920-1995)
  • slezak-leo-as-riccardo
    Slezak, Leo as Riccardo
    German tenor (1873-1946)
  • valdengo-giuseppe-as-renato
    Valdengo, Giuseppe as Renato
    Italian baritone (1914-2007)
  • warren-leonard-as-renato
    Warren, Leonard as Renato
    American baritone (1911-1960)
  • zerola-nicola-as-riccardo
    Zerola, Nicola as Riccardo
    Italian tenor (1876-1936)
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